Otile Brown reveals why he parted ways with Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown during their happy days PHOTO COURTESY

Singer Otile Brown has finally revealed why he broke up with socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika barely 5 months into their romance.

In a now deleted lengthy Instagram post, Otile accuses Sidika of trying to seek sympathy on social media despite the fact that they had talked about the matter a few days before Vera decided to make the breakup public.

Otile who denied the socialite’s claims that he used her to accelerate his musical career claimed that Vera was the one who wronged him in the first place.

Heartbroken Vera Sidika dumps Otile Brown accusing him of using her

“There is something she did that really turned me off and ever since the relationship has been on a sinking grounds, fights all the time and I could feel the distance between us even when we’re together, the love was fading away,” Reads part of the post by Otile.

Otile further reveals that Vera knew that he was the only man who loved her for who she is without caring if she was a famous diva.

Otile further refuted claims that he used Vera as a video vixen so as to boost the song ‘babylove’ insisting that it was Vera who requested to be featured on the song and not the other way round.

However, Otile refused to reveal what turned him off in his now estranged girlfriend despite numerous unconfirmed social media reports claiming that he had found out that Vera had been cheating on him with richer men.