Kilifi woman’s disgusting medicine for cheating husband

Kilifi woman does the most disgusting things to punish cheating husband./PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA: A woman in Kilifi has left people with a little vomit in their mouth after she revealed all the disgusting things she does to her husband’s food whenever she suspects he’s cheating on her.

Through a phone call to Baraka FM on the Mega Breakfast show on Thursday, the woman who identified herself as Phoebe said she uses his food to punish him and make her feel better.

“My husband loves to take porridge in the morning, so I spit in it then stir it well or sometimes when I’m cooking something like liver and I am on my periods, I put drops of the menstrual blood into the food,” said Phoebe.

“It makes me feel good when he is eating all that, as I feel like in a way, I have punished him for cheating,” she added.

She does not only mess with his food but also his clothes.

“There is a day we were supposed to go to a friend’s party but he canceled last minute claiming that some other engagement came up. I knew he was going to meet with his lover, so when ironing, I intentionally burned his shirt with the iron box.

However, she admitted that she would not like it if someone did the same to her.

So, what would you do to a cheating spouse or if you found out that someone was doing the same to you as Phoebe does her husband?