Why Mombasa residents might soon be walking on narrower pavements

Activity going on as usual on Moi avenue Mombasa PHOTO /FILE

Mombasa, KENYA: You might be forced to walk on narrower pavements in Mombasa.

Matatu owners in Mombasa want pavements reduced to allow expansion of roads, which will help in curbing traffic congestion in the city.

“We have seen in the recent past how the county managed to reduce some roundabouts and it helped,” said Mbarak Salim, co-ordinator of matatu owner’s association coast region.

Mbarak also said that Post offices in Ganjoni along Moi Avenue, Makupa and Changamwe roundabouts should be re-worked on.

He noted a review on the CBD roads will help in enhancing movement to the newly completed roads especially the one in Changamwe.

“We are aware that the national government has opened up the Kipevu West road and if they work on a long term plan of putting up a bridge at the Makupa causeway then we will have a smooth flow of traffic,” he alluded.

Travelers accessing Mombasa international airport and SGR terminus in Miritini are among those who have benefited.

Phase two of the bypass is set to begin at the end of the year.