No meat for Kilifi residents as 17 slaughter houses shut down


Kilifi,KENYA: There will be no meat for Kilifi county residents at least for now following an outbreak of Rift Valley fever.

So far, 17 slaughterhouses in Malindi and Magarini Sub-counties have been shut down over health fears.

Kilifi County executive for Livestock and Agriculture, Luciana Jumwa Sanzua urged residents from the affected areas to refrain from eating meat which is not certified.

She encouraged people to turn to Chicken and fish should they feel like eating meat.

“So far we have not received any cases in human beings but the symptoms are the same to those in animals,” Sanzua said.

Experts say the same symptoms and effects in animals are found in human beings such as abortion, blood oozing from all openings in the body.

The incubation period of the disease is one week and in the second week symptoms become visible.