Former Senator admits forging cheques!

Former Nominated senator Joy Gwendo , The former senator has pleaded guilty to charges of forgery PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Former nominated Senator Joy Gwendo has pleaded guilty to three cases of fraud before Anti-Corruption Court chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti. 

Gwendo is facing a case abuse of office, issuing of bad cheques and using of her position in public office for personal gain.

The former senator through CFC Stanbic Kivuli’s development initiative’s issued a cheque of Sh300,000 in favor of Kisumu East Cotton Growers Cooperative Society account and another cheque of sh 950,000 which both of them bounced.

Gwendo admitted having used her position as a state officer to acquire herself   Sh2,226,880, money which belonged to the Sacco a crime she committed on October 23rd, 2016 at Chiga parish in Kisumu.

The former politician was allowed to settle the 1.7 million to Kisumu Sacco in four batches as her case will be listened on December 4th after settling the amount.

The court, however, retains the discretion to determine the sentence or penalty on the accused after agreeing to the Plea of Agreement.