DPP needs your help to arrest woman caught on camera assaulting a man

Director of Public prosecutions Noordin Mohammed Haji ./COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Office of the Director of Public Prosecution needs your help in providing information on a video clip going around social media of a woman beating up a man over sh. 200 beer debt.

In the video, the man who seems to be drunk is seen lying down while the woman kicks him around, hurling insults and demanding to be paid sh.200.

DPP Noordin Haji has asked the public to help by giving information on the perpetrator, location, and date of when the recording was taken so that appropriate action to be taken on the woman.

This comes less than a week after Daudi Nzomo was arrested and charged with causing grievous harm after a video of him assaulting his wife made rounds on social media.

Nzomo pleaded guilty to the charges and is expected in court this Wednesday for a pre-sentence hearing, victim assessment report by the DPP and probation report will be presented then.

Cases of domestic violence have been on the rise cases of even partners chopping off their spouses limbs.

Kenyans took to social media to demand action to be taken on the woman saying that if it was the other way round, there would be more outcries from gender-based organizations or other human rights bodies.