Kilifi women want ban on Mogoka as their men fail in bedroom duty

Kilifi Mums women group, demonstrate in Kilifi over Mogokaa business. They say it has caused them more harm than good in their houses, prompting marriages break up and low performances of their children in schools.PHOTO/ David Ngumbao

Kilifi, KENYA: Women in Kilifi County are calling for the abolishing of  khat (Mogoka) business, citing bad side effects to their husbands and children.

Newly rolled out Kilifi Mums women group held the mantle of protests against the sale and use of Mogoka in the county.

Speaking during a press briefing in one of the hotels in Kilifi town, Kibibi Ali, the chairperson of the group said the stimulant has turned to be the cause of things falling apart in their marriages following their husbands decline in satisfying the responsibilities of their marriages.

“We are here today to give our views straight to the County Assembly and other respective authorities that we want Mogokaa business abolished in this County,” Kibibi said.

“This (Mogoka) has become the main cause of marriage break ups as our husbands fail to satisfy us in bed once they eat mogoka. Our children have also become thieves so that they can get money to buy Mogoka, which is not a good thing at all. Where are we taking the future of our children if we allow this to happen?” she added.

She called upon the County Assembly to pass a bill into law that will abolish Mogoka trade in the County.

Health practitioners say Mogoka is a stimulant with a bad side effects like: restlessness, spermatorrhea.

Bilal Mazoya, Kilifi County chief officer in charge of Medical Services says Spermatorrhea can lead to infertility.

This comes as many school pupils and students have now indulged into taking the drug, leading to the drop in their performances in classes.