Why MP Aisha Jumwa wants rapists genitals chopped off

Fomer Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa

Kilifi,KENYA:Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa wants the genitals of all rapists chopped off.

Jumwa says  this is due to the rising  cases of rape and child defilement Kilifi county which she blames for the increase in  early pregnancies and  sexually transmitted diseases.

Speaking in Kilifi during the launch of Kilifi Mums  Women Group on Wednesday, Jumwa vowed to ensure serious legal action is taken  against   those found guilty of rape and defilement in the county adding their  private parts are useless and meaningless because they have used them inappropriately.

“I say this with a lot of pain in my heart, seeing our young girls and women raped is very disgusting and I cannot stand this at all,” Jumwa said.

“You know what, if God gave you those organs and you use them inappropriately then they have no meaning being there.  I think this is the way to go for these monsters destroying our children and women here in Kilifi County,” she added.

She went ahead to accuse the judiciary of taking rape and defilement cases lightly saying judges in Kilifi County have been overlooking such cases thus encouraging the practice.

“Our judges have totally failed us here. How do they overlook cases of rape and defilement knowing too well that such incidents are ruining the lives of our girls?” Jumwa posed.

“It is high to  end these cases. I want to appeal to all parents that should such cases happen to their children they should seek justice because we are behind them,” she said.

However, Kilifi Women representative Getrude Mbeyu differed with Jumwa’s remarks saying parents are to blame too.

.” As much as we want justice, we must also be willing to pursue the cases. But some of the parents even destroy evidences after receiving payouts so as to solve the matter  in kangaroo courts. I think this should end should  if we want to fight rape and defilement in our County,” Mbeyu said.