Was Lamu Women rep Ruweida Obbo’s campaign financed by coal investors?

Lamu East Member of Parliament Ruweida Mohamed./FILE

Lamu,KENYA:Lamu women rep Ruiweda Obbo has come out to fiercely defend herself from rumours doing rounds alleging that she supposedly received Sh.20 Million from the investor of the intended Sh.200 Billion coal plant in the last general election so as to oust ex woman rep Shakilla Abdalla who has remains opposed to the project.

Shakilla has numerously stated her opposition to the establishment of the coal plant and even activists and locals in holding peaceful demos over the same,both during her tenure as woman rep and even when she was ousted.

The rumour mill is rife with allegations that the handsome ‘bribe’ was to buy Obbo’s allegiance and support for the project while at the same time was also tasked with frustrating all those opposed to the establishment of the coal plant.

The intended coal plant is being set up Kwasasi area under the Amu Power Company.

The coal plant continues to draw in negative support from activists,locals and a section of leaders who insist the project is bad for human health and the environment.

However addressing members of the public in Lamu town on Wednesday,the woman rep sought to clear the air and also defend herself from the damning rumors.

She accused activist groups led by Save Lamu of  fabricating the stories which she said were totally untrue and were simply meant to damage her reputation and goodwill.

Obbo denied that she received  such a  bribe and stated that in fact she doesn’t have a close relationship with the concerned investor of the project.

“The issue of the coal plant is a sensitive one.The project has cost many of us in various.My own is this rumour claiming that I was bribed,which is a pure lie.Save Lamu are behind the rumor and frankly,I don’t know where they got such an idea from.I don’t even have a personal or close relationship with the investor.The investor hasn’t involved me in any of the issues concerning the project even once.I find it very funny,”said Obbo.

The woman rep accused the coal plant investor Amu Power of conducting secret meetings with unknown individuals without fully involving locals and the county leadership.

“I am aware the investor holds secret talks with people who aren’t leaders or representatives of locals and that’s why we have all this misleading information flying around.They need to make their activities here transparent enough,”said Obbo.

She wants the investor to ensure locals receive all the necessary awareness and information regarding the project so that they can informatively decide whether or not to support it.