Nigerian man falls prey to Kenyan Woman, left stranded in Bamburi

The Nigerian National Abdul Hakim Akibaditawo speaking to journalists at the Bamburi police station PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:A married Nigerian man is currently stranded in Mombasa after he was was robbed in a hotel in Bamburi where he had checked in on his tour to meet his Kenyan girlfriend.

The Nigerian national who identified himself as Abdul Hakim claims he was robbed nine days after checking in the hotel by two ladies the same guest house.

“I came to Mombasa on 13th of July and checked into Paruma guest house around Bamburi and after nine days I was robbed by another guest in that hotel by two ladies” narrated a frustrated Abdul.

Narrating the ordeal to journalist Abdula Hakim Akibanditawo stated that he gained consciousness only to find the door closed from the outside when the manager came to open the door.

“The woman was banging until another female guest came to open, and this female guest had been at the guest house even before the others checked in. Before the lady opened my door, the manager had also arrived,” he said

According to Abdul the CCTV footage revealed that the ladies also robbed his friend Stephen Shunaiki who is also a Nigerian Citizen claiming that the hotel management made it clear that he could not be compensated.

“They told me I can’t be compensated. Am stranded here I can’t talk to my wife and children in Dublin. I can’t call anyone! They humiliate me telling me I can’t do anything because am a Nigerian” lamented Abdula hakim

Abdul believes Kenya has a bilateral relationship with Nigeria demanding justice terming the whole incidence as a national degrade to Kenya.


This comes just a month after two Nigerians Timothy Ogba Ebakole and Alex Olesugun Adebayo were arrested in Mtwapa for conning unsuspecting Kenyans by creating fake Facebook accounts under the name of the first lady, Kilifi County Senator Stewart Madazyo and his Bomet counterpart Christopher Langat .

Another Nigerian Antony Chinedu had earlier been deported back to Nigeria after their seven-year relationship with his exwife who is the current wife to former Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala, Joyce Akinyi went sour

Many foreign tourists have fallen prey to gangs who pose as tour guides, beach boys and mistresses as the tourists falls in love with the ambiance, food and people at the coast.