SGR is a scam! Says Ndii

NASA strategist David Ndii at a past media briefing PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA:NASA strategist David Ndii has claimed that the Government failed to release enough information to citizens’ before construction of SGR project.

Ndii dismissed the project claiming that it has not added any benefits to the economy of the County instead it has subsidized cargo services leading to loss of jobs.

“The government held a lot of information from the public and it has now come to light, our expert opinion from economic perspective freighting of cargos by train is uneconomical and the cost is higher than the total cost of doing so by the road’said Ndii.

He further added that SGR cargo does not have the capacity of 22 million metric tones as stated earlier by the government, he says it has a capacity of under 9 Million tones while dry port cargo is over 15 million.

He argued that the government would have provided a forum for public participation before the project was started.

“We tried to flag this issues but the government did not organize sufficient public consultation and it did not disclose all the factors, the impact is coming to light now,” said Ndii.