Woman spotted clutching dangerously on bodaboda stirs social media frenzy

Woman is seen loosely and dangerously hanging on a bundle of firewood tied on a motorbike headed down the steep Kerio Valley. PHOTO: COURTESY.

A photo of a middle-aged woman acting as a tying rope while transporting firewood on a bodaboda has been doing rounds on social media. The photo was taken along Cheptongei- Kapsowar road in Elgeyo Marakwet.

Kenyans have both criticised and sympathized with the woman who seemed to have barely found a footing on the bodaboda and is clutching to the firewood.

Others even blame corruption and politics for the woman’s predicament.

The photo was first tweeted by Ma3Route, a road safety online platform on Wednesday.

Here are some of your views on twitter about what may be happening in the photo:

One Twitter user #ViscountOfMatungulu‏ @jlelo said “Terrible. We complain about bad roads and corruption robbing wanjiku but wanjiku doesn’t care for her own safety.”

Pod i tin‏ @Wyld_Chyld “Safety is a luxury she can’t afford.”

Kay‏ @ShabanKarisa “Poverty drives people to desperate actions. If you have some money to spare, I wish you would pay for her bus fare…… Not just talking photos. Help in the smallest way you can.”

Sammy‏ @Samuel94922621 said “It’s a normal way of life you will find in all communities. Local Peasants are struggling to make ends meet with the minimal and dwindling resources they have. They have nowhere to steal public resource. We have stolen from them. We should be ashamed as a nation.”