Why Kilifi Woman Rep wants Tahidi High banned

Kilifi Woman representative Getrude Mbeyu.

Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi Woman Representative Gertrude Mbeyu has said that she is planning to table a motion in parliament to ban local programme Tahidi High from being shown on TV.

Speaking during a school meeting in  Barani secondary in Malindi on Tuesday, Mbeyu said that the local TV program promotes immorality and indiscipline among students.

“There’s a lot of nasty issues in the Tahidi program that I don’t like as a parent as a teacher as mother and as a leader, the program really messes our students who watch the program.’’

She added that students tend to copy what is shown in the drama- comedy.

“Due to unrest in various parts of the country, high school students have been copying the immoral behavior from Tahidi show.” the Kilifi Woman rep added.

This comes amidst a spate of suspected arson incidents across several high schools in the country.