World Cup 2018; SGR fails passengers

Passengers aboard the Madaraka Express following the 2018 World Cup finals. PHOTO: BARAKA FM

Mombasa, KENYA: Madaraka Express missed a once in a lifetime opportunity in customer service by not airing the 2018 World Cup finals on board.

As everyone all over the world was glued to their screens at their homes, bars, stadiums, fields following the finals, passengers aboard the train had to look for alternative means to make sure they do not miss out.

While Croatia faced France during Sunday’s match held in Moscow, Russia; fans on Madaraka Express’ coach 8 used all means possible to ensure that they caught every action as the train does not have screens in the coaches.

Thanks to Safaricom Giga football bundles, one passenger volunteered his android phone to live stream the World Cup match.

18 minutes into the game,  France were ahead following a first-ever own goal in a World Cup Final, by Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic and the fans couldn’t keep it to themselves as they celebrated the first goal of the match as Croatia fans watched in disappointment.

The joy was however shortlived as a minutes later Croatia’s Ivan Perisic equalized and it was back to square one.

One of the passengers following the World Cup finals using his phone’s radio following live streaming failure PHOTO:BARAKA FM.

As the match continued, the radio also came in handy as at times the network inside the Madaraka Express would be weak and the live stream signal would be lost forcing the jubilant soccer lovers to rely on the radio commentators to give them results of the game.

This went on and by the time Madaraka Express made a stop at the Mombasa terminus at 19:20, the passengers did not want to leave the coach as the match had gotten pretty intense as France was now leading with two goals ahead of Croatia.

Most of the passengers said it was high time Madaraka Express had screens in each and every coach to cater for such moments in  the near future.

“Madaraka Express need to do something about having screens inside the coaches. They would really come in handy during such moments, all in we thank God for technology and radio. You should have seen over forty of us crowded in one place to ensure we don’t miss out! ”  Said Susan Wanjiru.

“Shame! Shame! They missed such a big opportunity to serve me the one thing that mattered most. They missed the opportunity to earn me as a lifetime passenger.” Said Michael Kamau.

At the end of it all, France beat Croatia 4-2.

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