Mwatate MP asks locals to kill stray wildlife


Taita Taveta,KENYA:Mwatate MP Andrew Mwadime has directed Taita Taveta residents to kill wild animals encroaching residential areas.


Speaking to the press in his constituency where cases of human-wildlife conflict is rampant , the lawmaker criticized Kenya Wildlife Services  for failing to contain the animals.


“Even the constitution allows you to defend yourself when in danger , if KWS has failed to come for their animals then you are allowed to kill them because they endanger your lives and those of your families,” Mwadime said.


“I wonder why KWS have failed to contain their animals , a similar thing happened in Laikipia but they acted swiftly, I wonder why its taking them too long to do the same here,” Mwadime added.


For the past one month, more than 300 livestock have been killed by the straying animals in the county .


The residents have complained of numerous attacks by straying lions who have been killing livestock in residential areas threatening their lives.


They have threatened to take actions should KWS fail to intervene.


“We have decided that should KWS fails to intervene we shall marshal efforts and take actions ,we shouldn’t be blamed for actions we will take  because we have called for their help but in vain,” one of the residents said.


A woman witness said about four lioness attacked her homestead and killed several livestock .

“It was last week, I saw about four of them, if I had a spear I would have killed them myself,” she said.