Tana River governor vows to deal with landgrabbers

Tana River governor Dadho Godhana during his wearing in ceremony.The governor has vowed to dismantle land grabbing cartels in his county PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA:Tana River county leaders have warned land grabbers in the county that government will deal with them to cease the habit.

Speaking at a meeting with residents in Hola suburbs, Tana River governor Mr. Dhadho Gaddae Godhana said his government will protect its land so that it can invest more in development projects.

The governor affirmed that he would revive Galole Integrated fruits processing industry with the aid of the Coast Development Authority with an aim of raising economy in the county.

Referring to his former achievements when he was Galole MP, Mr. Godhana disclosed to the residents that he had aimed to combat poverty which was at a higher level in the county despite the county being resourceful.

Land grabbing was mentioned to be among key factors hindering county government efforts to invest in developmental projects.

The governor mentioned, areas around the borders were said to be the most affected saying people from neighbouring counties penetrate into the county acquiring for themselves land through illegal means and sell them thereafter to cartels.

“People from other counties come into our county grabbing land and sell them to cartels, we shall not allow that because there is no land for sale in Tana,” he said.

Mr. Gadhana named areas bordering Kilifi such as Hurara and others to be grabbed by people from the county and affirmed that he would cooperate with his colleague Mr. Amason Jefwa Kingi governor for Kilifi in suppressing the habit.

Furthermore, the governor said people from Garisa County to have grabbed their land.

“I will work hand in hand with my friend Kingi to stop this habit because we need land for development not for grabbing. Let’s have a good neighbouring relationship of helping one another,” the governor added.

Tana River County is known of being among the counties without even a single resident possessing a land title deed.

Some years back, the then Cabinet secretary for lands Ms. Charity Ngilu had come to the county accompanied by a team of surveyors who were to do land adjudication, but leaders in the last regime said it was an abrupt activity saying it had to wait until they plan.

The only title deeds can be seen in the county are for the well-of people who posses ranches and are said to be at most ten individuals.