Kilifi boda boda riders disrupt Kingi’s meeting to protest rising crime


Kilifi,KENYA:Hundreds of boda boda riders on Thursday disrupted a meeting chaired by Kilifi governor Amason Kingi to protest against the rising cases of insecurity in the area.

The boda boda riders stormed the meeting  that being held at  Ukombozi village in the outskirts of Kilifi town where Kilifi governor Amason Kingi was issuing allotment letters to residents jeering whenever the Kilifi governor attempted to address them.

It took the intervention of the Kilifi OCS George Ndegwa to calm them down.

Speaking at the Karisa Maitha Sports grounds next to the Kilifi governors residence   where   the body of  boda boda rider was found on Tuesday morning, Japhet Katana, a robbery survivo who was protesting with his colleagues said that police were doing little to address the incidents.

“Look, here Mr. OCS, I was hijacked and survived death at Mnarani in late December last year, and as you can see I have a scar at my stomach as a result of a knife,” Katana said as he showed off his scar to the Officer Commanding Police Station George Ndegwa.

“Those suspects were brought here but later were released  under unclear circumstances. What we are demanding to know from you is the reasons why you take these things for granted. We are tired because we are human beings like others and we have our dreams to pursue in life too “he added.

The boda boda riders  demanded to be shown the suspects but the OCS declined.

According to OCS, Ndegwa, they have taken action since the incident at Old Ferry and managed to arrest five suspects including an officer at the Kilifi North MP Owen Baya’s office.

“We have not hesitated to take action, and we are talking here we have arrested five suspects in regard to the Old ferry incident and have already been taken to court,” Ndegwa said.

“We cannot allow you to see the suspects because the law does not allow that. What we will do is publishing their photos through the CID for everyone to see that they are the suspected criminals within Kilifi County who kill our bodaboda riders, Or if you feel you cannot wait for that you can see them in court,” Ndegwa added.