Prezzo’s ex Amber Lulu exchanges blows with her ex

Tanzanian Socialite who happens to be Prezzo's ex Amber Lulu PHOTO COURTESY

Just weeks after she confirmed her split with Kenyan rapper Prezzo, controversial Tanzanian singer and socialite Amber Lulu has been caught up in yet another controversy.

This was after she got into a fight with a Tanzanian rapper Young Dee ( Young Dares Salaam) who she is reported to have dated before she hooked up with Prezzo.

The story was first reported by clouds FM popular gossip program Uheard  .

Young Dee is reported to have descended on Amber Lulu with kicks and blows tearing her wig and even pouring alcohol on her.

Later an audio clip of two people arguing surfaced online with a female voice being overheard saying that she was not interested in being a relationship or being intimate, as the person in question was reportedly bent on looking for trouble with her.

Another clip surfaced of people engaged in a confrontation with male voice threatening to ‘kill someone’.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, Amber Lulu confirmed that the said incident occurred claiming that Young Dee started causing trouble because he was jealous ex and she was not interested in getting back with him.

Kweli Young Dee amenipiga kwa ajili ya wivu mimi ni mzuri lazima unitamani we mwenyewe umeona hili tak* usilitake Tena ? Mimi ni mzuri alafu ananitaka halafu mimi simtaki siwezi kuwa na bwana mariooo alivyoniona akaanza kuniletea Sholo nyingi alafu mimi sitaki shobo”.

( Young Dee beat me because he was jealous, I am an attractive woman. Look at this behind, Why would anyone not be interested in being in a relationship with me? I am not interested and him and when he saw me with Marioo he started causing unnecessary trouble) Amber Lulu said.

Amber Lulu further said that following her breakup with Prezzo, she was only interested in dating a person of higher caliber like Wizkid or Davido.

It is well remembered that Amber and Young Dee’s relationship went sour after the latter accused Amber of leaking some intimate photos they had taken together, putting him under a risk of being summoned by the Tanzanian Department of  Arts of cultural services which monitors the conduct of Tanzanian celebrities.

YoungDee who is yet to speak to Tanzania media over the incident, however, took to instagram last week at around the same time the incident is reported to have happened  urging people to control their weaknesses.

“ Since you cant be perfect, better learn  how to control your weaknesses…before someone else does,” Young Dee wrote on Instagram.

It is not yet clear what caused  the breakup between Amber and Prezzo however a few weeks before their breakup, a video of Amber Lulu performing oral sex on yet another Tanzanian singer Nuh Mziwanda  had dominated the Tanzanian social media scene.