Polio campaign targets 21,217 children in Lamu


Lamu, KENYA: At least 21,217 children under the age of five years are targeted for Polio immunization all across Lamu.

The first phase of the Polio immunization kicks off between July 11-15 this year.

Speaking during a stakeholders meeting on Tuesday, Lamu County Chief officer for Health Said Bwanamkuu said the exercise aims at improving and boosting the immunity of children against Polio.

Bwanamkuu said public health officers will move from house to house to conduct the immunizations in the entire county.

“Our target right now is a total of 21,217 children here in Lamu. People must rest assured that the shots are safe and parents should avail their children less than five years for it,” said Bwanamkuu.

According to James Mbugua, the county disease surveillance officer, the region’s resistance against the likes of Polio and Measles is still at its lowest.

He says of the required 95% immunity levels, Lamu has only achieved 41%, a situation he says poses a huge danger in case of a Polio or Measles outbreak in the region.

Mbugua has however said the percentage can easily go up if locals take such immunizations seriously and avail their children for the same.

“Our kids need at least 95% but we are still at 41%. We still have a long way to go so as to achieve the required levels. Part of the solution lies with parents who are to ensure their kids get all the required shots for Polio and Measles whenever such programmes are announced,” said Mbugua.

The county health promotion officer Mohamed Muhsin said numerous meetings have been held with members of the public so as to create awareness on the forthcoming immunization exercise.

“We have had officers move from village to village creating awareness. We are aware there are areas with security issues and bad roads but we shall try to reach everyone,” said Muhsin.