Rioting in school will cost you your Certificate of Good Conduct, Says DCI

Maseno students riot over principal. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has issued a stern warning to all students who will be found guilty of engaging in misconduct at School.

This comes as the rise of criminal cases in school rise from schools being closed indefinitely over student’s unrest, to fires being witnessed every now and then.

The DCI through the twitter made it clear that students criminal acts from primary to universities and colleges were being profiled and charges may be preferred to each and every student involved in any crime.

“This is to warn every student from primary school, secondary school, college and university that the @DCI_Kenya is archiving and profiling every criminal act and consolidating charges that may be preferred to each and every student involved in any crime #IFIKIEMASTUDE,” read the tweet.

According to the DCI, the charges will automatically reflect on the police clearance certificate (certificate of good conduct) when they apply and it will be a permanent mark which can bar many from achieving their dreams.

“Let each #student be informed that it will automatically be reflected on the Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct) when such student will apply for one. This will be a permanent criminal mark that will bar many students from achieving their goals as no employer of worth will dare employ such characters. #IFIKIEMASTUDE .This is therefore to #warn the students & to ask parents, religious leaders & guardians to take note and advice them accordingly. #IFIKIEMASTUDE..” read the tweet in part.

The crimes include armed and unpeaceful demos, arson drugs, cyberbullying, assault and any reported crime.