Cuban doctors deployed to Malindi and Bamba hospitals in Kilifi

Cuban Doctors when they landed at the country PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi,KENYA:Two Cuban  doctors  who arrived in Kilifi on  Sunday  are supposed to commence work immediately in Malindi and Bamba hospitals.

Speaking in his Office Medical Services Chief officer Dr. Bilal Mazoya told Baraka FM that they were received by Deputy Governor Edmond Saburi, County Commissioner Magu Mutindika and the County Secretary Arnold Mkare.

“We received two female doctors, a Family doctor and a Urologist,” Dr. Bilal said.

“Dr. Jenny will be stationed at our Malindi sub County hospital and Dr. Daime will be at Bamba Sub-County hospital. They are required to start work immediately,” he added.

The chief officer said, though stationed at their respective hospitals the doctors will deliver their Services County wide and the health department will be responsible of ensuring they provide the best working environment for foreign doctors.

“We decided to station them in Malindi and Bamba hospitals due to the need,” Dr. Bilal said.

“We are setting up a maternity wing and a theatre in Bamba sub County hospital and so, we need to have specialists and the family doctor will serve both men, women and children and alsol also extend to Mariakani Sub County hospital and offer other comprehensive services. The Urologist will attend to other patients apart from those at the Malindi Sub County hospital,” he added.

Mazoya said the department will conduct a specialist movement program after the doctors are habituated with the County.

However he expressed the need for more specialists and said the department will recruit some through the County Public Service Board.

“We still have gaps in terms of specialists and we are looking forward to employ Radiologist, pathologist, Anesthesiology,” Bilal said.

“We also need a physician for Mariakani sub County hospital though one of the Cuban doctor is a physician but we are looking at the backload,” he added.

He said the County had made strides a head and ensured that Kilifi County Hospital, Malindi and Mariakani sub County hospitals have obstetricians and gynecologists.