Court issues arrest warrant for police officer implicated in Briton’s death


Mombasa, KENYA: A Mombasa high court on Thursday issued a warrant of arrest for police constable John Pamba after he failed to appear in Court despite court sermons.

Justice Erick Ogola directed the deputy OCS at Diani Police station to arrest Pamba and bring him to court to take a plea with other three police officers.

John Pamba,Naftali Chege,Ismail Baraka and Charles Wagombe are being accused of the murder of British Citizen Alexander Monson.

They are alleged to have murdered Monson in May 2012 after he was arrested and detained at Diani Police station for allegedly being in possession of narcotic drugs.

Court differed the charges against the suspects after Mr.Pamba failed to show up in Court to a later date.

“I hereby issue a warrant of arrest of police Constable John Pamba and brought to court immediately,” ruled Ogola.