Kanze Dena and Sam Wa Ukweli among most googled topics in June

Swahili journalist Kanze Dena and late Tanzanian Bongo artiste Sam Wa Ukweli PHOTO FILE

 Nairobi,KENYA: Swahili journalist  Kanze Dena and late Tanzanian artiste Sam wa Ukweli are among the most googled topics of June.

This is according to the latest google analytic reports for the month of June released by the internet giant.

According to the results, Kanze Dena was the 5th most googled topic while Sam Wa Ukweli landed at position 8.

Kanze Dena was appointed State House Deputy Spokesperson as part of an overhaul of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit in June.

“In the same month, Ms. Dena gave her first official State House briefing since her promotion to the position and Kenyans went online to discuss her performance.” reads the report by Google.

Search for late Sam Wa Ukweli a Tanzanian bongo artiste shot up after his death in Palestina hospital in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam.

The singer fell ill while recording and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

However, world cup dominated the search engines with World Cup fixtures, World Cup 2018 and World Cup groups dominating the first three of the most searched topics.

Brazil was the most googled football team taking up the fourth position while the most googled matches were the games between Portugal and Spain and Brazil and Switzerland at position 6th and 7th respectively.

The most googled match involving an African football team was the match between Argentina and Nigeria which landed at position 9.

Google Search Trends is a publicly available tool that indicates search patterns over a period of time and shows the clusters of searches that made it to the weekly trending searches in the country.