Tana River vow to defy Rift Valley fever Quarantine over hunger

Bura MP Ali Wario during a past briefing ,Tana River MPs have vowed to defy a quarantine directive PHOTO COURTESY

 Tana River,KENYA:TanaRiver legislators have vowed to defy a quarantine directive which was issued by the government following the outbreak of Rift Valley fever in the area amid hunger crisis .

In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings on Friday , the legislators Ali wario of Garsen constituency and TanaRiver senator Juma Wario   accused the government for giving a directive without offering any alternative  measure , following the food crisis hitting many residents in the  area.

They said that it is incorrect for the government to issue such directive and yet residents of that county solely depend on milk and meat amid hunger crisis being felt in the   aftermath of  the recent floods.

“There have been cases of cholera and Rift Valley fever ,and yesterday we were told that the maekrket should be closed ,now if the market will be closed where will be Garsen residents go ,where will they go because there is no food .”Ali Wario said

“What are they going to eat “The mp quizzed

Ali Wario also said that  they will petition Kengen in the National Assembly and courts on what  they term as degradation of environment in the area by releasing water that has caused a couple of  diseases among the residents in the area..

They  said that the area has been adversely affected by the floods and the government hasn’t offered sufficient food stuffs and other mitigation factors including in  education sector which has been impacted negatively by the floods.

The outbreak of Rift Valley Fever hit Tanariver which forced the government to slap it with  quarantine whereby  20 goats are  reportedly  affected  by the outbreak.

A directive was  also  given to all slaughterhouses to shut down with immediate effect, with residents being urged to desist from eating beef or drinking raw milk.