Hamisa speaks out on claims that Jaguar is her baby daddy


Rumours have  being doing rounds for the longest time possible that Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobeto’s child is fathered by a Kenyan musician cum politician Jagaur.

This is due to the close resemblance of her second son Dylan to the Kenyan singer.

However, Mobetto dispelled the allegations and  set the  record straight claiming that she has never met jaguar before despite her being in Kenya for quite some time.

“I have never met Jaguar in my life. I have been to Kenya many times but I have never met him. I don’t know him and so it surprises me when people claim that Jaguar is the father (of my baby) but fame comes with its price,” Mobetto said.

She also went further and revealed her intuition towards the claims on her,

“When they say Dylan belongs to Jaguar, I get annoyed because I know who the father is because I am the one who had sex so I know who the father is and I am not the kind to cheat in a relationship. I will be faithful until we break up,” she said.

Jaguar has in the past been linked to multiple Tanzanian women including actress Irene Uwoya and Rich Mavoko’s girlfriend Lulu Diva.