Ray C: Don’t play my songs when I die

Bongo artist Ray -C PHOTO CORTESY

Tanzanian songstress has requested her songs not to be played when she dies.

Ray C, who has been off the limelight for sometimes following drug addiction said that it is not of any importance to show support for artistes when they are dead but fail to accord them the same support when they are alive.

‘Sometimes I wonder what’s with the bongo media. You have to die for your songs to receive massive airplay including the ones that have not been officially released. What’s the purpose of supporting us when we are dead? When I die they shouldn’t even bother giving me a promo.She was quoted saying to a Tanzanian tabloid.

Ray C request to Tanzanian media comes a few days after bongo artiste Sam wa Ukweli was laid to rest after succumbing to acute malaria and a urinary tract infection (UTI)

Sam wa Ukweli has been receiving massive air play in honour of his contribution in bongo industry.