Timmy Tdat speaks up after mistaken identity arrest


Controversial musician Timmy Tdat was arrested on Friday in a case of mistaken identity.

The musician spoke of his arrest and release on Citizen 10 over 10 show where he termed the whole incident as a mistaken identity. Timmy explained that he was coming from the gym when he made a wrong turn and the police flagged him down something he never noticed. It was until he noticed that he was being followed that he stopped.

“Was coming from the gym hurrying up for radio. I made wrong turn and police stopped me but I thought it was a Probox that was ahead of me. I noticed the police were following me and that when I slowed down. They searched the vehicle but I can term the whole incident a mistaken identity. Am happy for fans support we can all enjoy freedom now,” said the ever-energetic Timmy

The news of Timmy Tdat arrest when rounds after someone recorded the video of the incident on social media.