Insufficient evidence hindering corruption cases prosecution ,DPP

Director of Public prosecutions Noordin Mohammed Haji ./COURTESY.

Nairobi,KENYA:The director of public prosecutions Noordin Haji has said that his office cannot prosecute most of the corruption cases  forwarded to them due to insufficient evidence.

Speaking before the justice and legal affairs committee in the senate, Haji said that most cases of corruption forwarded to his office by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission , EACC cannot be prosecuted because they  lack concrete evidence .

Haji said that EACC had forwarded about 57 cases on top state officers including governors, senators and MPs but that serious gaps necessitated reviews.

“It is unfortunate that this has to come up here. We have the cases but there is no sufficient evidence. We revert files to the prosecution and investigators for solid evidence,”He said

“Some we felt that have to be dealt administratively ,while others we felt that  there were gaps to be filled ,that’s where we are as at now.”He added

The DPP said that ten banks linked to NYS scam are being investigated for permitting  those linked to the scam to bank money  by flouting banking regulations.

He indicated that some banks allowed withdrawal of sh 250 million which was wired to Mauritius.

He said that his office  had identified several gaps touching on oversight and lack of serious scrutiny.