Agriculture committee wants farmers registered to edge out cartels

Nairobi,KENYA:Members of agriculture committee in the National Assembly want the government to register farmers and acreage of land covered especially with maize in a  bid to curb cartel menace in the agricultural sector.
Speaking to the press at parliamentary buildings ,Kwanza member of parliament Ferdinand Wanyonyi said that there is need to pin point the number of farmers and number of acreage of maize in the country to ascertain whether maize  products are being imported from out of the country.
He further said that by registering farmers such move will help authorities to ascertain too if there are cartels who are  engaging themselves in the sector.
Wanyonyi said that the registration should be executed in the ward level with by employee who will coordinate the exercise.
“We need to know how much acreage is under maize plantation country wide so that based on that we will be able to know how much we will be able to produce.”Wanyonyi said
“We want to know those people who were supplying huge amounts of maize and whether this maize was locally planted here or was it coming from tge neighbouring states.” He added
He urged the government to deal with the locusts  menace that has affected some parts of the country to avert an ultimate  carastophy in the agricutural sector .
He urged the government to hand over the business of importing fertilizer to state parastatals to fastrack suppply of the product.
The call comes amid  allegations of 1.9 billion scam  rocking the NCPB.