Mombasa magistrate buys lunch for ‘hungry’ suspect

A court clerk counts the money raised to buy Ms Evelyn Obiri ( in a green Kanga) lunch PHOTO EMMANUEL MCHONJI

Mombasa,KENYA:In a rare move, a Mombasa magistrate shocked the courtroom on Friday when he opted to buy lunch for a suspect who had been brought before him.

Senior principal magistrate Henry Nyakweba handed a hundred shillings note to Ms Everlyn Obera for lunch after realizing she had not eaten for five days.

She was in court for fraudulently receiving sh 9,000 from Haluloa Charo in Miritini area on 11 May this year, claiming that her bank account had been blocked and she needed the money to go an unblock it.

The suspect was speaking in low tones during cross examination forcing the senior magistrate to ask what her problem was before deciding to give her money when she said she had not eaten since Monday.

Nyakweba also urged people attending proceedings in court to help contribute “something small” for Ms Obera to go and buy food.

The people responded by holding an impromptu Harambee where they collected sh 1,100 which was handed to Ms Obera.

The court also dismissed the case while condemning the police for being inhuman by denying the suspect food since Monday.

“Some cases are petty to bring before the courts.Police officers should also act humanely”, he said while dismissing the case on insufficient evidence.