Zari eats her words, accepts gifts and Ringtone is not happy


Just a few days after Ugandan socialite  Zari Hassan vehemently denied allegations that she was waiting for the slightest opportunity to get back with Diamond Platnumz who she dumped on valentines day due to infidelity allegations, Zari has eaten her words, well almost.

This was after she accepted gifts from Diamond Platnumz after almost 5 months of not seeing eye to eye.

Diamond Platnumz who flew directly to South Africa from London where he performed at the One Africa concert bought Roberto Cavalli and Coco chanel perfume collections for the self-proclaimed boss lady and she could not keep calm.

Zari posted the gifts on her snapchat with the caption

“This coco is everything, Thank you baba Nee”

However, Zari’s actions left his open admirer Ringtone a disappointed man.

In an Instagram post, Ringtone warned Zari against traveling down a road she knew too well claiming that Diamond would most probably end up disappointing her.

“Dear @zarithebosslady You can’t continue reading pages of a book that you already know how it will end. You left Egypt for Canaan it will be sad if you quit and go back,” Ringtone wrote.

“What will happen to all the millions of girls who you told you building ZARI? My advice this is the time you need to seek the face of God. Go into prayer and fasting ask God to give you direction. Meanwhile, since we all know you won’t go back to Diamond we are not worried.” He added.

However Zari in a message to all those opposed to her accepting gifts fro her baby daddy defended herself saying she was a good woman who deserved good things.

“Oh Zawadi!! Ndioo si am a good woman who deserves all good things. Mwache umbea bana. Ata zako nitapokea tu. Keep Calm.” Zari wrote on snapchat.