Kilifi county to spend sh 214 M to construct deputy governor’s house


Kilifi,KENYA:The Kilifi county government has allocated sh 214 million for the construction of a deputy governors residence.

This is according to the to  proposed 2018/2019 budget which just recently went through the public participation stage.

In the proposed budget , the county expects to spend sh 20,000,00 to rehabilitate streetlights while sh 17.9 million has been allocated for the establishment of a county radio station.

The county has allocated sh 120 million to towards education  while sh 35M has been allocated to  the devolution, public service and disaster management docket.

However speaking during the final day of public participation  held at Juwaba hall in Kilifi town  a section of residents in Kilifi County have rejected the construction of  the County radio station and want the budget proposed for the construction of Deputy Governor’s house slashed.

Mvera Kazungu, one of the residents’ cited concerns over the hefty amounts of money set aside for projects not a priority to the people of Kilifi.

“I am shocked that it’s only in Kilifi County where the government can allocate hundreds of millions to construct a house for the deputy governor and a radio station yet its people are suffering of hunger and cases of gender based violence  are on the increase,” Mvera said.

“Look, we have no rescue Centre for our children who are vulnerable to gender based violence, we are facing drought year in year out and recently floods. I think we must act and not joke around with the residents of Kilifi. The radio station must be scrapped off and the deputy governor’s house cost cut to around sh. 14 million,” she added.

This comes  just a few days after the Taita Taveta governor Granton Samboja rejecting sh  85M that had been set aside by the county assembly for the 2018/2019 financial year to construct him a posh residence.

In the budget, sh 45 million had been set aside to construct the deputy governors residence.