Mombasa politicians call for thorough investigation of graft scandals

MPs Abdulswamad Nassir (Mvita), Badi Twalib (Jomvu), Mishi Mboko (Likoni) Omar Mwinyi PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:Politicians in the county have called for thorough investigations of graft scandals.


Led by Mvita member of Parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir, who is the chairperson of Public Investment Committee(PIC) of the National Assembly urged the judiciary led by the Chief Justice to carry out their duties and ensure all those involved in the now infamous NYS scam terming looting of public funds as worse than treason.

“All those looting public funds without considering the future generation the crimes they are committing is worse than treason. A country cannot grow by over burdening their citizens with loads of taxes but by proper utilization of resources and that can only be achieved by letting the rotten few rot in jail and not be granted any bails,” said Abdulswamad.

“Those looting public funds are bringing inflation to the country and debts that cannot even be paid by future generation. I urge the chief justice not to relent on them and those involved in the looting should never be allowed to hold any public office in the future as they don’t even qualify to be in the society with such acts” insisted Abdulswamad.

The politicians embraced the handshake between the president and opposition leader Raila Odinga saying they have great hope it will bear fruits for the betterment of all Kenyans.

Governor Joho urged everyone to work together to achieve the success of the motives of handshake as they identify with the four agendas of development as he condemned misuse of public resources.

Women representative Aisha Mohammed urged on women to rise up for leadership as County Commissioner Evans Achoki called on parents to take responsibility of their children to empower youths as it will reduce crime rates and  temptations to indulge into drug and substance use.

“Parents should foster good relationship with their children to ensure they do the right thing and shun from drug use. Drug cartels and parents who hide their children who commit crimes will be arrested too,” cautioned Achoki.

The celebration ended in a celebratory mood with Governor Joho ordering all those due to be discharged in public hospitals but stranded due to bills to be discharged free of charge extending the generous offer to the deceased to take their bodies from mortuary for burial.