Kiraithe warns Kenyans seeking jobs abroad of fake recruitment agencies

Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe at a past media briefing .PHOTO/ FILE

Nairobi, KENYA: Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe has issued a stern warning to Kenyans who seek employment abroad without following due process.

In a press conference in Nairobi, Kiraithe said that there is a need for Kenyans to follow due process whenever they seek jobs abroad in order to avert scenarios of being duped by unscrupulous agencies thus falling into wrong hands in the countries of destination.

Kiraithe said that those affected are unskilled workers who seek employment abroad urging Kenyans who are seeking such employment to be wary about fake recruitment agencies.

“Before you leave Kenya you should know employment terms how much you will be paid. You need to check very carefully terms of unskilled labor, this area which is prone to exploitation,” Kiraithe said.

He said that there is a need for them to follow labor laws in Kenya and countries of destination by notifying and registering with all government agencies before leaving the country, adding that by doing so it will be easy for the government to track them in case of emergency.

“The government policy is that people must be sensitized so that they go through accredited authentic employment bureaus, ” Kiraithe said.

Kiraithe made his remarks amid the 2018 economic development dubbed migration for structural transformation by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD, which elucidated that African migration within and outside the continent could boost the growth positively by transforming the structure of the continent’s economy.