Faith leaders trained on Environmental advocacy

Some of the leaders who had attended the Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy Training on the filed. PHOTO: OSCAR NYOHA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Faith leaders from all across the divide gathered for a three-day training on environmental advocacy in a hotel in Mombasa.

The training commonly known as FLEAT -Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy Training, is an event organized by multi-faith organization The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI), and is aimed at equipping faith leaders with the necessary skills to make positive changes in their communities.

SAFCEI believes that people of faith have both a moral imperative and a special platform from which to speak out against socio-ecological injustices that face Africa, through networking, advocacy training and sharing their experiences with each other.

Faith Leaders from as far as South Africa, Uganda and parts of Kenya like Kakamega, Kisumu and Mombasa, attended the workshop, which provided a platform of common action of faith leaders across Southern Africa.

SAFCEI Eco-Justice Lead Liz McDaid told Baraka FM that the religious leaders have a special platform and are agenda-setters in the community, and if they will spearhead and speak out against socio-ecological injustices, there could be positive changes in their communities.

“Caring for the environment must come from your heart, and if we could be able to teach our children about the importance of caring for the earth, then the world could be a better place,” said Liz.

Her sentiments were seconded by Zainab Adams, SAFCEI Outreach & Logistics Coordinator, who sensitized on the fact of training and advocacy of people of many faiths, get them united in their own diversity through a common commitment to keep the earth environmental safe.

“SAFCEI has so far run four intensive workshops in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe and now in Kenya, where FLEAT members become a close-knit network of enthusiastic and motivated change-makers,” said Zainab.

Also present during the training was Reverent Joseph Sagwe who traveled all the way from Kakamega.

Rev Sagwe expressed enthusiasm henceforth in his advocacy as a faith leader, for the living earth.

“As a religious leader after this training, I am going home more energized advocator for socio-ecological injustices”, said Rev Sagwe.

SAFCEI enjoys a broad spectrum of membership, including African Traditional Healers, Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Quaker, and a wide range of Christian denominations.