Outrage over increased cases mothers molesting sons in Lamu


Lamu,KENYA:Residents of Hindi divison in Lamu west are now calling on religious leaders to conduct rituals and cleansing rights amidst rising cases of sexual relations between parents and their children.

The latest reports has revealed that mothers in Hindi engage in sexual relations with their own biological sons.

Locals have now decried the growing cases of incest and want religious leaders to intervene by conducting prayers.

Last week,a report by World Vision revealed that over 25 girls had been sexually abused and defiled by their biological fathers between January and May this year.

It was also revealed that some of the girls had gotten pregnant while others were already raising several children whose fathers are in fact their grandfathers.

In the recent case however, mothers are now on the spot for luring their own sons into having consensual sex with them.

Hindi elder George Karanja says the community is worried that bad omen could befall them over the rising ‘evil’ between parents and their own children.

“I know of several women who treat their own sons like they are their husbands.They do everything for them including having sex with them plus they are so blatant about it.We don’t know what to do,”he says.

Karanja says it could be that the said parents could have either been bewitched or are under some form of curse that leads them into engaging in such bizarre acts with their children.

“Apart from fathers defiling their children,we have mothers who are willingly engaging in sex with their own sons.We need help here.Religious leaders should come here and cleanse this place and even conduct rituals.We want the old Hindi back not this current one that’s riddled with all manner of evil,”said Karanja.

The community has appealed to the national government to tighten the noose on parents who are found to be engaging in such acts or those who defile their children by instilling ruthless punishments and laws so as to scare people and deter them from such acts.

Elder Stanley Njenga says only punitive laws can stop such acts in society and called on lawmakers in the county and nationwide to act.

“Even the bible rebukes such relations and they are believed to attract curses.The government must come up with strict laws to punish such parents.We shouldn’t act like its normal.These must be rebuked with all force,”said Njenga.

According to a report by the Director of Public Prosecutions office-DPP in Lamu,Hindi division remains the leading area for child defilement cases between 2015-2017.