Elizabeth Michael to get married to Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddy

Tanzanian actress Lulu Michael in a past wedding scene PHOTO COURTESY

Freed Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Micheal (Lulu) is set to tie the knot with  her boyfriend Majizzo whom they have dated for three years.

Majizzo who is a media mogul is the owner of Efm Tanzania and is Hamisa Mobetto’s ex and baby daddy to her first daughter fancy.

This announcement comes just a few weeks after Elizabeth Micheal was freed from prison to serve the rest of the term on community service where she had been sentenced to two years in jail for accidentally killing fellow actor Stephen Kanumba.

The announcement of their wedding was done by Dares salaam District Commissioner Paul Makonda who is the chairperson of the wedding committee through his Instagram account where he officially settled for Mrisho Mpoto and Harmonize song ‘niwie radhi’ as the official song of the wedding.

“Nikiwa mwenyekiti wa kamati ya harusi ya ndugu Majizo na Bibi Elizabeth Michael(Lulu) nimeupitisha huu wimbo wa Mrisho Mpoto na Harmonize kua ndo wimbo rasmi wa harusi yao, tarehe za harusi endelea kufuatilia 92.5 Dodoma @majizzo @elizabethmichaelofficial” shared Paul Makonda on Instagram.