George Kirubi: I did not use police to assassinate my wife in City park shooting

The car that had the occupants whom police shot at living one dead and the other injured. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: George Kirubi the husband to the late Janet Waiyaki of the now famous city park killing has said there is no way he could have used police to kill his wife.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Kirubi a prominent businessman admitted to have received a phone call from a friend informing him of the shooting but he never rushed to Avenue hospital nor did he accompany the body to the mortuary but rather chose to go home and be with the children.

“I did not even get to the hospital,” he recalled during the interview. “Another friend called me to tell me that Janet was dead.”

The late Janet was the second wife to Mr. Kirubi who runs a few business premises in Nairobi. They were blessed with three children aged 13, four and two despite Janet parents claiming the marriage was marred with constant fight with Janet returning to her parent’s home at times allegations that Kirubi denied.

“You know families…they never lack squabbles. Couples fight. But she never went back to her parents because of a fight. She was a very good mother to our children,” explained Kirubi to The Nation during the interview.

Responding to rumours that he might have an hand in the killing by using police, Mr. Kirubi denied the allegation claiming he could not have killed his wife despite knowing several police bosses.

“They say that I am friends with the DCIO Parklands. Yes, he is my friend for many years. He even knew Janet. I also know the DCIO of Kamukunji and even Kinoti (Director of Criminal Investigation boss) is also my friend. But does that mean I killed my wife?” he asked during the interview with The Nation.

“I did not kill my wife,” he says “Now why would I kill Janet? Of what benefit would it be for me to kill the mother of my three children? If I killed my wife, who would raise my three young children?”

Mr. Kirubi stated during the interview that he had always suspected his wife had an affair with her nephew Chege something he had even reported to Janet’s mother and sister since he was uncomfortable with their closeness.

“Yes, I complained to Wangui’s mother and sister as well as Chege’s mother—who is my late brother’s wife —that I do not want that relationship between Chege and Wangui,” he said.

Mr. Kirubi has promised to help with the investigation since he believes he is innocent, he has however said that he does not regret the loss if at all its true Janet had an illicit affair.

“If it is true that those two had a sexual relationship… even the Bible is against that and the Bible says that people who engage in such sin are not supposed to be alive.”

“What is important is that I accept that she is gone. Although I am in a lot of pain. This is the Lord’s doing,” he told The Daily Nation.