More questions arise over Nairobi’s City Park shooting

The car that had the occupants whom police shot at living one dead and the other injured. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA:More questions have been raised over City Park killing as parents and relative of victim suspect foul play.

Two Administration police officers have been reported to have been conducting patrol on Sunday when they spotted a black Toyota Fielder car with tinted windows parked at the park that arose suspicion.

Administration Police officers William Chirchir from Makadara Police Station and Godfrey Kirui from Industrial Area Police Station approached the car which was parked at a forested section in the park.

As per the police report, the officers received no response when they knocked on the window and instead the car sped off prompting the officers to open fire.

City Park area falls under Parklands Police station raising questions as to why Makadara and Industrial area police officers were conducting patrol in an area that does not fall under their jurisdiction.

The car stopped after shooting with the police claiming that the two occupants were found half naked something Bernard Chege, one of the occupant has refuted.

The two occupants 46-year-old Janet Wangui Waiyaki and Bernard Chege, 26 were injured and rushed to Avenue hospital where Janet was pronounced dead on arrival.

As the public continue rising question as to why the police could not have fired at the car tires to stop it, Nairobi County Commander Joseph Ole Tito said that the officers over reacted.

“The car’s windows were tinted and as the officers approached it, the driver sped off prompting one of the officers to shoot at it. Both occupants were injured but the woman succumbed in the hospital,” confirmed Mr. Ole Tito.

Bernard who is a university student was using his mother’s car.