Lamu governor Fahim Twaha forced to vacate sh.284 M headquarter premises

Photo of the current county headquarters in Mokowe town. PHOTO: NATASHA NEMA

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha and his County staff have been forced to vacate Sh 284 million Headquarter premises in Mokowe town just ten months after occupation due to the danger it now poses.

The building is feared to have been inappropriately constructed and now poses danger to the staff.

The governor and his officers moved into the new headquarter from Lamu town following its completion only in July last year.

It is located on the mainland.

Workers and staff at the premises have reported being unable to stay in their offices and work as the building has been leaking since the rainy season began.

The premise has no electricity and staff who still have the heart to work from there have to contend with the darkness after electricity connections in the buildings were destroyed a week ago due to the leaking caused by heavy rains.

The governor and his cabinet have now been forced to frequently conduct their meetings under a tree outside the building due to the situation.

Confirming the situation to Baraka FM on Tuesday,Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha said they had already forwarded a report to the National Construction Authority-NCA to have a team of engineers come and assess the building in order to ascertain the problem and whether or not its safe for continued use.

Twaha says his office will then forward the NCA report to the Senate for deliberations and investigations into the construction of the building which happened under ex-governor Issa Timamy’s reign.

He said he suspects corruption played a part in the current situation and that probably the contract was awarded to an incapable company.

“I cant work, my officers can’t work too.There is no electricity here after the connections blew out when they came in contact with rain water.This place leaks heavily whenever it rains to an extent that one cant walk around.As a governor,can you imagine I have to conduct any meeting outside under a tree.This must be looked into.We cant just throw away Sh.200 Million of taxpayers money,” said Twaha.