Man sentenced to life imprisonment for trafficking 155 rolls of bhang


Mombasa,KENYA:A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Mombasa court after he was found guilty of trafficking 155 rolls of bhang.

The court heard that Emmanuel Chacha was transporting the bhang from Migori County to Mtongwe when he was intercepted at ferry area on 14th May.

The bhang with a street value of sh 23,250 was stuffed inside two bags.

However, the accused asked for leniency saying it was his first time to engage in the business.

“Its my first time to engage in the business and i did it because someone advised me that there was a flourishing bhang market in Mombasa “, he told the court.

Mombasa senior magistrate Ediga Kagoni said the sentence will serve as an example to other drug traffickers.