Mombasa county ranked 2nd in service delivery


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa County has been ranked as the second county in  service delivery ratings after scoring a C of 53 percent under Governor Hassana Joho.

This is according to the report released by Trends and Insights For Africa (TIFA), on Tuesday in Nairobi.

According to the report, Kisumu county was ranked as the first after scoring a C+ of 56 percent as Nairobi county settles on number 3 with a score of D+ of 44 percent.

On the provision of clean water; Mombasa scored 39 percent quite low compared to Kisumu County that had 61 and Nairobi with 43 percent.

Some of the reasons given as to why there is dissatisfaction of access to clean water in Mombasa include; water rationing, unclean water in taps, lack of water pressure, cost of metered water is expensive and involvement of water cartels.

The research which  shows Mombasa residents complain mostly of lack of enough garbage collections, poor drainage, air pollution, blockage of sewers and lack of planning on sewerage as the main challenge on environmental cleanliness and sewerage system, puts the county on the score board of D+ of 43 percent compared to Kisumu with 44 percent and Nairobi 31 percent.

On county Health Services, Mombasa managed to score 51 percent, while Kisumu got 57 percent and Nairobi 44 percent.

Some of the reasons given on dissatisfaction of the services delivery include; availability of drugs, distance to the health facility, few staff attending to patients , charge for drugs, more time taken at the health facility and the health infrastructure.

Counties Trade environment was also highlighted in the three major towns with Mombasa leading with 60 percent followed by Kisumu with 56 and Nairobi with 48, citing harassment from county officials, high fees for licences and too many licences charged as the main challenges faced by traders.

On poor roads in Mombasa, some of the complaints include: lack of maintenance, poor conditions especially if it’s raining, too congested and closing of the roads were among the major challenges mentioned by the residents.

Early childhood development Education (ECDE) that scored a C+ in Mombasa, had many reasons of dissatisfactions by the residents that pointed out lack of quality teaching at the school, inadequate teaching aids/materials, Inadequate number of teachers at the school and few institutions teaching ECDE.

The research was conducted between 1-4 of May 2018 on the three major counties and its sub counties.