Tanzanian rapper accused of insulting Magufuli to vie for presidency

Tanzanian rapper Nay wa Mitego, PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian rapper Emmanuel Elibariki aka Nay wa Mitego is eyeing Tanzania’s top job come 2020.

Ney who has in the past found himself in trouble with Tanzanian authorities over his hard-hitting songs against the state of affairs in Tanzania, revealed his decision in an interview with Tanzanian entertainment site Risasi vibes.

Ney who has quite a number of scandals under his feather, said he had decided to live a scandal-free in preparation for his bid for the top job.

Nimeamua kutulia na kuachana na skendo zisizokuwa na maana kwa sababu nina mpango wa kugombea urais mwaka 2020 sasa nikiwa na skendo chafu zitaniharibia“
(I have decided to live scandal-free because I am planning to vie for presidency in 2022 and scandals might spoil my bid)” Nay wa Mitego said.

In March 2017, Nay wa Mitego was arrested in the Tanzanian city of Morogoro over his song Wapo which questioned the state of affairs in Tanzania.

In the song, Nay lamented over the lack of freedom of speech in Tanzania citing a case where the Dares Salaam regional commissioner Paul Makonda stormed the offices of privately owned media house Clouds Media Group to protest  their refusal to air a clip in which a woman claimed a prominent Tanzanian pastor had fathered her baby.

Nay called out Members of Parliament and Mr. Makonda over allegedly faking their academic credentials.

However, following a public outcry, Nay was released with the Tanzanian government ordering the ban issued by the Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania on his song lifted.