Harmonize’s girlfriend allegedly eyeing Diamond’s bodyguard

Harmonize,Sarah and Mwarabu fighter PHOTO COURTESY

Wasafi artiste Harmonize has allegedly been caught up in yet another love triangle.

This was after reports emerged over the weekend that his Italian girlfriend was eyeing Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard  Mwarabu fighter.

According to Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi in a now deleted post on her Instagram page  Mange claims that Sarah is madly in love with Mwarabu and he has been financing his lifestyle.

Basi mnaambiwa Sarah wa Harmonize yuko deep in love na Mwarabu yaani sahivi Harmonize ndio analia mzungu asimkimbie ila bibie mnaambiwa anampenda Mwarabu Fighter. Siku hizi mnaambiwa Mwarabu gym anafanya, Collesium bibie analipia, ana maisha mazuri mzungu anampa hela balaa Mnaambiwa mapenzi moto moto

(I hear that Harmonize’s Sarah is deeply in love with Mwarabu fighter.You all have been hearing that Mwarabu has been gyming regulary but you should know that its Sarah who has been footing the cost while financing his lifestyle .The two are involved in a steamy romance”  Mange wrote over the weekend.

After the reports surfaced on social media Sarah denied the allegations with a photo of an event they attended with Harmonize at the Tanzania national stadium a few weeks ago.

“ If you want to talk shit about me you should do it better because fact is that still I cant hear you fact my harmonize,” Sarah wrote.

However, Mange claims that Harmonize has the password to Sarah’s Instagram account and he is the one who posted the photo and responded to himself in his official account in a bid to deny the allegations.

Harmonize denied the allegations in a post on his Instagram account terming them as a ‘joke’.

 “Mara 10 ningesikia @mbosso_ anakula mzigo ningemsubiri pale @thelifeclub_1 tarehe 13/5/ na #kipanga yani ile anaingia tuu….!!! nikamuulia hapo hapo sasa mtu kama huyu hivi unaanzaje hata kumuuliza mana hata kucheka kwenyewe kwa msimu jamani Mungu huyu daah…..!! ??”

( For the 10th time if I heard it was Mbosso who was feasting on my package ( Sic)  I would have waited for him at the life club on 13/5  with a machete ready to strike him when he is walking in. Now with  this one here ( Mwarabu fighter) how do you even start questioning him over the matter   but  even laughing is seasonal ? “ Harmonize wrote.

This is not the first time Harmonize is being linked to a love triangle.

His ex , Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper is alleged to have been an ex to his boss Diamond platnumz