Video: See what this crazy fan did just to proclaim his love for Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika PHOTO COURTESY

Fans can go extra mile to prove their undying love and support to their favorite celebrities as was the cases with one diehard fan of socialite Vera Sidika identified as Brian Kibet.

Brian spotted Vera driving out of a club in Nairobi and could not hold back the desire to proclaim his love for the socialite.

“Babe I love you. I am your biggest fan, let me say hi. I just want to say hi. I respect you.’’ The young man said as he kneeled in front of her car with his hands raised in the air.

Vera who has been touched by the gesture has decided to award the fan with an expensive lunch treat in a hotel of his own wish as they chat with her and take as many photos as the fan will wish. The amazing offer comes with an extra package of Brian tagging along with the wife or girlfriend.

‘’I didn’t wanna post this. But I have been watching this video over and over again. I can’t ignore it. I keep replaying it….And my heart tells me I need to reach out. I have lovers and haters but what makes me so emotional is the fact that this young man saw me drive out of a club and came kneeling down right in front of my car begging just say hi. All he wanted was a handshake. Which he got.

“This might mean nothing to most people but it means so damn much to me. I feel the need to do something about it. And I would wish to take this loyal fan out for Lunch. That’s the only way I would feel content, happy and relaxed. If you know this young man kindly tag him & let him know I wanna take him out for lunch & give him an opportunity to chat with me & ask me whatever he would love to know about me & Take as much photos he wishes to. (Restaurant of his choice)

“Oh!!! And he can bring his girlfriend/wife too! I just wanna make his day that’s all. Bless up.’’ She posted.

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