Sportpesa 230M jackpot winner now claims he’s broke!

Previous winner, Samuel Abisai together with Gordon Oganda when he was announced jackpot winner.

230 million is a good sum of cash that can change someone’s life but the opposite can be true if the cash comes in hand with no plans as was the case with sh 230million Mega jackpot winner Gordon Ogada.

Gordon is the first gambler to pocket the highest cash prize since the introduction of the mega jackpot by Sportpesa and now he claims not to have a single dime!

Unlike the previous winner, Samuel Abisai who won a clean 221milllion and invested in businesses, Ogada cannot account for his money despite it being just four months after receiving the cash prize.

Ogada, the father of two had decided to rain money on cheering fans in Kibera as he went to receive his prize when he has announced the winner four months ago.

“After this kind of spending, I honestly feel embarrassed because sometimes I don’t even have a dime. I am no longer able to help my friends and relatives financially. They think I have loads of cash, when, in real sense, I don’t have money floating around,” Ogada said during an interview with the Nairobian.

With just a few achievements the now poor millionaire has maintained that though he did some mistakes here and there he feels largely did fine

“I bought a house here in the city and a few cars, besides other investments here and there. All these cost millions. I’m literally drained of course. I might have made a few mistakes here and there. But largely, I did fine. I think I would be more responsible,” Gordon Ogada told the Nairobi.