Coast MPs applaud President Uhuru for reconciliatory message to the nation


Nairobi, KENYA: Members of Parliament from the coastal region have applauded resident Uhuru Kenyatta’s reconciliatory message during his state of the nation address on Wednesday.

Speaking at parliamentary buildings Mvita member of parliament Abdul Swamad applauded the president for his speech after apologizing for any wrong that might have transpired in the past and the truce reached between him and opposition chief Raila Odinga.

“It is very right when one accepts that there was something wrong not only on his side but the other side too and then he apologizes, saying that all of us must seek for forgiveness, especially when the president took the first initiative to apologize, it is a bold and wise decision.” Abdul Swamad said.

Likoni Member of Parliament Mish Mboko applauded the president’s move saying that the truce between the leaders is a new approach of solving problems facing the country especially reform agenda initiatives that hit the snag when there was a tussle between the opposition and the government in the run-up to 2017 general elections.

“The president’s speech was full of patriotism, it pointed that we as Kenyans if we have our differences we must seek for forgiveness, we as Kenyans we must bury our differences by forgiving each other and we move forward in building our nation,” Mboko said.

On his part, Lunga Lunga legislator Khatib Mwashetani said that there is a need for coastal residents to take advantage of the 20 percent increment in the tourism sector performance to empower themselves and develop the region following the fact that it is the cardinal key economic pillar in the region.

In his speech, President Kenyatta indicated that the tourism sector has performed pretty well as compared to yesteryears.

Mwashetani said that following the fact that the president’s speech touched on better housing there is a need for the government to compensate coastal residents who have been affected by a spate of house demolitions that has rendered them homeless in the coastal region.

He also urged the government to uphold regional integration by minimizing external aggression from the neighboring Tanzania whereby many Kwale residents are being harassed so as to find an amicable solution and improve ties between the residents across the border.