Money paid during tokens hitch won’t be lost, says Kenya Power Boss

Kenya Power Digital Meter. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Kenyans will not lose their money value over the tokens hitch which was witnessed some few weeks ago.

Speaking in Nairobi Kenya Power Managing Director Ken Tarus said that Kenyans who bought tokens and are affected due to the failure of the system will not lose the value of their money instead they will get them back.

Tarus said that a team from the company and other affiliated vendors are in the field to undertake the reconciliatory engagements with the affected parties in a bid to ascertain the number of customers who were affected by the hitch.

He said that initially, they did 64 percent of meter reading whereby 36 percent were being estimated due to an upgrade of systems.

After the exercise, 95 percent of meter reading was attained but at least 5 percent were either overestimated or underestimated causing the token hitch which was witnessed across the country.

He indicated that the reconciliatory exercise will be completed in two weeks time.

“Indeed we have done reconciliation, those who bought tokens and did not get, will get them back that is the assurance I want to give,” Tarus said.

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter directed the KPLC management to rationalize the tariff structure to allow simplification and harmonization of tariff regime in the energy sector.

Keter also gave the company three months to move with speed and upscale their operations on how they execute their mandate in the energy sector by upholding technology in order to propel the big four agenda Jubilee administration agenda.

“We really need to re-engineer the terms of big four agenda, if at all big four agenda the energy is an enabler we cannot do business as we used to do,” Keter said