Babu Owino’s speech to be read at Matiba’s funeral sparks reactions on social media

Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino

Embakasi MP Babu Owino has sparked a lot of reactions on social media with his controversial speech he says he will read at the late Kenneth Matiba burial ceremony on Wednesday.

Matiba had made it clear that it was his wish to be cremated when he died though it has not been made clear whether the late will be buried or cremated.

The first funeral service for Matiba is slated for Wednesday at the All Saints Cathedral followed by another at Ihura Stadium, Murang’a County on Thursday.

Inspired by the famous Julius Malema’s speech read during the late Winnie Mandela’s funeral, Babu through his social media account, posted a speech in which he uses a MATIBA FORGIVE THEM tagline and not GIVE ME A SIGN MAMA (Malema’s speech)

Here is the speech:

“ Widow & Family of the Late Kenneth Matiba, The President,The People’s President, Deputy President, Members of the Clergy, Former Presidents, Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, Senators, Fellow MPs, Diplomats and Most important All Kenyans of Goodwill.

Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I will be as brief as a cock on a hen.
Today we gather to mourn the passing of a lover of liberty and an irrepressible fighter for justice. Kenneth Matiba believed relentlessly in the power of truth, had the courage to always perceive the truth and possessed that extra courage of always saying the truth to the people. Matiba fought against injustices in Kenya and was brutalized and incarcerated many times by the senseless Moi government. Even as we mourn, no one here can doubt that these assaults and inhuman prison facilities might have contributed to his tribulations and untimely death.

Nonetheless, until his death, he lived the law and by example. Matiba was the nemesis of corrupt political elite and compromised members of the judiciary. He reminded all that tribe and party affiliations are no boundaries when it comes to fighting injustice. Matiba taught all of us through his actions that wealth can be constructively utilized in improving the quality of life of the less privileged and, that honesty and morals are valuable assets. It is now left for those of us in this valley of tears to continue the good fight. This is the only befitting task that would do Kenneth Matiba proud. ‘Sleep well, Comrade Matiba

However, in his fight against injustices in Kenya, Matiba was betrayed by many friends and close allies;
Surprisingly, some of those friends and allies that betrayed Matiba are seated closer to his coffin than those that really cared about him and his ideas. MATIBA FORGIVE THEM.
Had it not been for the selfishness of some people here, Kenneth Matiba would have been Kenya’s third president and Kenya would be closer economically to the Asian countries our government keeps borrowing money from. MATIBA FORGIVE THEM
Matiba had the vision for a corruption free Kenya, but even the people who’ve converted Kenya into a free corruption zone are here and crying more than the bereaved. MATIBA FORGIVE THEM.
Matiba had the vision of turning Kenya into the land of opportunity, but even the people who’ve converted Kenya into the land of opportunism are here and will say how good and great Matiba was. MATIBA FORGIVE THEM
Matiba was philanthropic and always sided with the less fortunate, but even those that constantly torment the poor and grab lands and property belonging to the less fortunate will stand here and say how Matiba inspired them. MATIBA FORGIVE THEM.
Even as we pray for their forgiveness, may those that betrayed Matiba never know peace nor good health , but be tormented with itching without the benefit of ever scratching..

Yours Unapologetically
Hon. BABU OWINO, MP Embakasi East

The post had so many comments with some praising him while others criticising him:

“Babu the best stunt to pull is suggest ken be buried near Nyayo house. his grave site will be a reminder how one man paid the ultimate price, out of torture done in that house in 1990s” Posted Ibui Gatudu

“ain’t you one to also seek forgiveness??? Can you candidly explain how a campus guy got all that cash LEGITIMATELY … You can’t even come close to the likes of Matiba, Malema and other great leaders…” Posted  Ikua Githire

“You are crazy but genuine. You touch my heart bro. I wish this speech would be read at Matiba’s funeral.” posted Joseph Ndiritu.

Others called him out for being a copycat.

“I thought you were creative, stop being a copy cat, Malema was even more articulate than this piece of filthy thoughts. Anyway, rip Matiba.” Poseted Wisley Omario