Body of 35-year old man found hanging from tree

A 52-year-old man died at a lodging in Migori./COURTESY

Kwale, KENYA: A 35 years old man was found dead in Gatsakuleni village of Kinango sub-county, Kwale on Friday morning.

According to Kwale County commissioner Karuku Ngumo, the man was identified as Mzungu Munda and was found hanging on a tree some few meters from his house on Friday morning.

News from family members said that his death is as a result of stress after the deceased quarreled with his wife on Tuesday.

Ngumo advised residents to find other options for resolving family wrangles instead of committing suicide.

He said police have launched investigations to find out the main course of his death.

Cases of people committing suicide have recently been on the rise in Kwale county.

The body of the deceased was sent to Kinango mortuary for a postmortem.